Pointers from Pelé

As a companion piece to yesterday's blog entry, I would like to clue you in on a list of e-mails sent from my computer prior to the 2-4 loss that our soccer team experienced on Thursday last week. I offer this to you lest there be any question as to my loyalty and determination to lead this team, The Creative Cremators, to victory.

Sup Cremators. I was thinking that we all try this again and go for a preparatory lunch together today. I was thinking IHOP since we can load up on the carbs and the breakfast meats. Anyone has any better ideas, I am open to ideas, but only momentarily. We have to get the fire back in our belly, and I can think of nothing better to do that then a crèpe stuffed with whipped cream and some sausage on the side.

I was thinking around 11:30-11:45. Let me know if you are in. First ones to respond get to start today.

So, Dave and Doug and I have created our own separate Soccer music playlists for your enjoyment. The idea is that you can listen to one or all of these playlists for the rest of the day to adequately prepare yourselves for the revenge we will exact on our unlucky opponents today. They can be found in my dropbox in the folder entitled “Soccer Music”. If you are wondering which to listen to, Dave’s is metal-ish, mine is hip-hopish, Doug’s is world-infusionish. Just listen to the one that best suits your pumping-up needs. And, if you need a CD instead, I would be happy to burn one for you. Just let me know.

And Jason and Dave will start as forwards today. The rest of you can grab the bench. Anyone else up for lunch today to go over strategy? Fazolli’s was tossed out there as an option. Let me know if you are in for that too.

Go Cremators!
Default Soccer Head Coach for Some Reason


Two hours left until game time. If you are playing, start listening to some pump-up music now!

Be to the game, ready to go, by 3:15. We have to discuss strategy before the opening whistle.



Ok, you have 30 minutes till game time. Time to take your performance enhancing drugs people.

By performance enhancing drugs, I mean Procosa.

By Procosa, I mean steroids.



Do you guys want me to set up a practice tomorrow or would Monday work better. Democracy will have the final say.

Good job today everyone. We did a LOT better. If we all went to lunch together and you all took your ‘roids, we would have won, but, hey, what can you do.

And sorry if I yelled at you on the court today. I was trying to be a more vocal goalie. You probably deserved it though.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM April 10, 2009
Location: A Vietcong Treehouse Prison

Soccer Practice. We will run some drills and scrimmage. Be there.


Tim Haran said...

Wow. Are you vying for an invite to the 2010 World Cup? I hear the folks in charge choose one deserving co-ed corporate-type team for each of its tournaments (to increase its fan base because I just don't think the World Cup draws that well, you know, around the world).

Anyway, it was a tough loss today. I think the Customer Service team recruited a few ringers.

You'll get 'em next time...you still have 37 more games in this tournament, right?