Bag Stranded Changed My Life!

Good evening. I wanted to just insert a little note here to thank you for your readership here at Bag Stranded. My humble little blog is just over three months old now, and just like a three month old it is prone to excessive crying, dribbling and explosive diarrhea. But, I love the little guy. I hope you do to.

I am experimenting with a few changes here at Bag Stranded. Some are permanent and some are definitely not. My hope is to enhance the aesthetical appeal for those who might happen to click through on their way to find pictures of cats in funny poses with misspelled bubble quotes. And also for those of you who take the time to lightly skim my slaved-over prose.

But all in all, I will keep writing and posting a couple of columns a week, whether or not I have weird pictures along the sidebar. Bag Stranded is coming up on having 1000 visits, and I couldn’t be happier. If you come to this site and enjoy it, please let your friends know. Also, please let me know. Whether you are a casual reader or a die-hard fan who is waiting for their own “Bag Stranded” t-shirt, please leave a comment after this post. You can offer insight into what you would like to see and read, or just simply comment “I read Bag Stranded.” This will not only make me feel justified in my blogging pursuits, it will make you feel like you’re supporting someone in need. Desperate, desperate need. You can also send me an email if you are a closeted reader at

Once again, thank you for reading all the way through one of my blog posts for the first time. Yes, it is a lot of reading. Go ahead and comment now!


Joe said...

I found myself checking your blog more and more until it happened. I became a fan. I would like to hear if there is a reason behind the name of your blog. Thanks for sharing.

-Joe Taylor

Rachel said...

Cameron, not only do I want to openly admit that "I read this blog" I would also like to know when the t-shirts will be on the open market. Fabulous mind, you have.

David Baker said...

I read Bag Stranded. But it might have a lot to do with that gun you brandish every time I walk by you. Either way, nice work. Keep it up.

Amy H. (bird geek) said...

Hello, my name is Amy, and I read Bag Stranded.

I, like Joe, would like to know the reason behind the name.

Kara Thacker said...

I read Bag Stranded! It amuses me greatly! Yeah....where does the name come from?!?

Cameron Smith said...

I think that there is some mystique to leaving the name unexplained, but by popular request, I will divulge. The name is actually a lyric from the Morrissey song "Sister I'm A Poet". There are many parts to the song that seem to refelct my work on this blog and on my life.
"With no reason to hide these words I feel/
And no reason to talk about the books I read/
but still I do."
And of course:
"A plastic bag, stranded at the light/
This once was me./
But now I'm a/
Sister, I'm a (poet)."

mh said...

I read! And I am not ashamed to admit it! but, I am also a fan of the New Kids on the Block, so maybe I have poor taste! =)
I love it! Keep them coming!

Mommalynne said...

Hey Cameron!I love your blog! I am an old (no, really, I'm old) friend who enjoys your writing very much. So glad to see you're doing great (meaning as well as can be expected for a different-drum-marcher). So glad you are happy and being droll and funny for all of us to enjoy!!!

Brian R said...

I definitely really look forward to new posts, even though sometimes I wait for a couple to pile up and read them backwards.

Matt said...

Cameron at first i had no idea what Bag Stranded was (obviously), but i have just recently made the time to start reading them and finding out what you were doing. I have to say that to me it is hilarious and think you are a great writer. I also have to say "I READ BAG STRANDED". Keep it up buddy.